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Richter topik 2022. 09. 12. 15:31
perhaps it goes up from here,
black line is 200 DMA
Richter topik 2021. 10. 21. 14:39
MOL 3e
Richter topik 2021. 10. 15. 15:14
my bad - I meant 50 Week average [green]
Richter topik 2021. 10. 15. 14:10

Little bit longer term view - 1W chart
Seems 20 week MA held since March 2020, would it hold this time too, as we are approaching it?
Richter topik 2021. 10. 05. 21:09

Fellow traders
There seem to be a strong support trend, which now falls around 8100
What do you think, will it gather enough momentum to break higher above the resistance or it will trend within the triangle and what happens next?
Do you se other interesting formations?
Thanks for sharing
Good luck and let the risk / reward be always in your favour
Richter topik 2021. 09. 15. 16:00

Good day traders
in my view, once the HS completes around 8,300 there is enough support to expect the share price to bounce. id buy there.
iIf it does not, sub 8000 price could be seen.
Trade well
Richter topik 2021. 04. 06. 21:34
Good evenings Dears,
Indeed todays candle looks like a shooting star and together with the top from two days ago it may look even worse - double top. Both are trend reversal signals.
Looking at the bigger picture however, I still see the long bull trend active. Todays close is in line with late February tops and may be just testing buyers' commitments. Beneath, there is 8700-8900 area, which is further supported by 20 DMA @ 8711 and 50 DMA @ 8587 [both pointing upwards]. This goes again hand-in-hand with the trend of late October, mid-November, mid-January, mid-March - which I pointed to last time as well when Richter was bouncing of 8200s - 8300s. 
Now, if we do get a bounce up of mid-8800, we may easily see it attacking 9700 [top of the trend channel - see chart]. ;
If the price, however, drifts down towards the 8500s, we potentially have Head-Shoulders in play. Probably ranging afterwards. 
Picking up a few shares in the range 8600-8900 is - in my humble view - a good long entry opportunity. 
Good trading 
Richter topik 2021. 03. 16. 13:56
update on the link to chart
Richter topik 2021. 03. 16. 13:55
IMHO, the recent bounce of 8300 area could be a continuation of the trend from late October, mid November and mid January - see chart.
https: //
Additionally 50 DMA hovers around that level too, which should be supportive [ and pointing upwards] below that there is 100 DMA at 7600 ish, which is also the level of the massive breakout earlier this year - strong support.
Now we have broken again above 20 DMA. I could imagine some consolidation around 8500, eventually symmetric triangle or a flag to form, which is a trend continuation pattern. I dont have a view what a day trader strategy could be, but this is a strong buy in my view mid term.
Good luck

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